Cam Gigandet’s Rugged New Look, Kisses Nicole Kidman [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

Actor Cam Gigandet has been spotted in New York City the last two days sporting a more rugged and scruffier look than usual.

Yesterday (October 4) Cam was spotted arriving at his Manhattan hotel. On Monday, October 03, he was snapped walking in downtown Manhattan in the rain. If only he had his shirt off, it would have made for much prettier picture (I’m not complaining though).

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In the new thriller Trespass Cam got to kiss Nicole Kidman. This is what he had to say about the experience:

“She’s such a pro, so there’s no weirdness,” Gigandet tells me of the pivotal scene when they lock lips. “It’s like she’s there to do a job and there’s no uncomfortable anything. I didn’t feel nervous or intimidated at all,” he promises. “She’s like, ‘Let’s do it and let’s kick ass.’ “

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What Cam kiss Nicole after the jump…

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