Cam Gigandet Talks ‘City Of Bones’ Rumors

It seems Cam Gigandet has not yet seen a script for the upcoming big-screen adaptation of City Of Bones, but he’s not terribly surprised by that considering his age. He recently sat down with MTV News to do some press for his current film, The Roommate, and talked a bit further about that project. He was recently spotted having a lunch with a pal in Hollywood, as seen above.


“Hey, I would love to… but I’m like 28,” he added, basically saying he’s too old for any of the parts in the film. But when the interviewer suggested he go for a more mature character, he quipped, “I don’t have to play the 12-year-olds?” he said with a smile. “Ha ha. You know, hey, [and then he crossed his fingers and held them up to camera, showing that maybe there’s hope for him and ‘City of Bones’ yet].”

Check out a clip of him chatting with MTV after the jump…