Cam Gigandet Is Back In Our Lives Again, This Time On TV

If you’ve missed Cam Gigandet in your life, fear not. The former Twilight actor is back and in way that we get to see him more often! Deadline reports that Cam has landed a lead role in TNT’s Western drama pilot Gateway.

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Cam will be playing Jake, one of three brothers in 1880 whose father, the sheriff, is murdered. The three step up to save their town from a crooked cattle baron who wants to take over the town.  Guys, western themed television! It’s back! Yay.

Cam seems to have taken it easy this summer. Last we heard of him he was telling us how much more comfortable he is being naked. Which, obviously, most ladies are OK with. Cam probabbly spent most of his time hanging with beyond cute daughter Everleigh. Seriously, how cute is she. Check out the gallery to appreciate the full range of cuteness.

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Excited for the possibility of Cam on your TV every week? I think it sounds like kind of a badass show. Honestly, all the super gritty is coming from random channels like TNT. Well done. Leave us your thoughts on the show and on how cute you think Cam and Everleigh are in the comments!