Cam Gigandet Feels More Comfortable Naked…

And I don’t mind!

Priest’s Cam Gigandet recently revealed to Access Hollywood that he prefers to be in the buff while filming on set.  The super fit actor explained, ‘I’m surprisingly more comfortable in [the] sock type of thing… because you’re kind of like, really vulnerable, so why not just go with it? So, it’s easier.’  Wow.  That’s a pretty deep statement… in a frat boy kind of way.  Whatever.  If I had a body like that, I wouldn’t mind being naked in front of the camera’s either.

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Cam also claimed that his body as gotten ‘softer’ since getting more work after playing tracker vampire James in Twilight. HA! From what I’ve seen he hasn’t lost any of it, looking super fit in a recent GQ spread.  Regardless of how small he thinks he’s gotten, Cam still looks pretty sexy to me!  Seen window shopping in West Hollywood, California on March 3, 2011, Gigandet also looks good with his clothes on.