Cam Gigandet Enjoys Some Disneyland Fun With Family

Cam Dotes On Daughter
Cam Gigandet takes to the beach with his girls!
Actor Cam Gigandet and his fiancee Dominique Geisendorff took their kids Everleigh and Rekker to the “Happiest Place on Earth” yesterday afternoon (July 01, 2013).

Cam stocked up on some popcorn and cotton candy for the family’s exciting train ride through the amusement park. This is the first look that we’re getting of Rekker, how is 5-months old!

The 30-year-old actor appeared to reach for a can of chewing tobacco during the day. Eww. Cam, please lose that habit. It’s so gross. 

Anyway, fans of Cam will be happy to know that Cam should be starting work on his CBS series Reckless in Charleston, SC, which is set to debut mid-season.

“Charleston, one of America’s oldest cities, is a genteel place rooted in tradition. Yet when the cracks begin to show in that delicate facade, we will find that everyone harbors a secret.”

The series plays on the relationship between a Southern country girl attorney and a Yankee litigator who are courtroom adversaries.

“The heat rises as they struggle to hide their attraction, clashing over a police sex scandal that threatens to tear the city apart,” CBS says.

Launch the gallery to check out all the pics from Cam’s family day of fun!

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