Calvin Klein’s Live Billboard

July 20th, 2005 // 14 Comments

Great idea. Not enough flesh (see a little after the jump). Not viewer friendly either (it wasn’t street level).

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Brian

    Cute idea. Guess you can’t try this in december lol

  2. Another excuse to display stick thin bodies

  3. me!

    im hungry just looking at it.

  4. ugh, this is stupid, i saw it on The View, and was like, are they idiots? they’re gonna have a heat stroke!

  5. nikka

    i think its hot.

  6. Tipsy McSkagg

    How much does it cost to climb up there and have sex with the models? I’d be interested in something like that.

  7. anon

    I think its an interesting idea. And those models are hot, not super skinny! People complain if they look like the williams and also if they look healthy and normal? How much do you think people should weigh so they are not labled as stick thin?

  8. What are they holding in their hands? The guy on the left looks like he’s holding a placemat; the girl in the center looks like it’s some furry thing…a hairpiece, maybe?


  9. jjj

    I saw them dance and they all suck. They do that stupid little dance where their elbows meet in front of their skinny bodies and their hands are up in the air and then they kinda hop and drop their arms and then start up all over again. This is one step up from a trade show.

  10. Paris Hilton

    That’s hot!!

  11. bleurgh

    the girls’ bodies are disturbing. but they do seem to be in the shade:P

  12. RubbRubb

    Looks pretty nasty. If the women actually had some semblance of curves, this would be very cool. As it is, it appears to be “Emaciated Calvin Klein Chicks On Parade”.

    BTW, talking about this just provides impetus for Klein to once again inflict this crap on the city again.

  13. johnny

    They’re going to poke each other’s eyes out with their super skinny elbows iof they’re not careful. Those girls have pointier joints than shapened sticks. Trade show is right. This is a lame, tired, worn-out promotional idea.

  14. Anthony Martin

    This was really a great idea.. Thats really hot.

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