Calvin Klein Is One Fit Queen, Wears Manpris

January 7th, 2008 // 15 Comments

Calvin Klein is 65, and looks tremendous. SIXTY FIVE. And he’s still one of those fit diva gym bunnies. Wait, is he gay? I mean, he’s got the manpris. That means you’re gay right? He was married? Really? Twice? Divorced in 2006? Did he come out? Wikipedia, speak to me! This can’t be anything but two mo’s having lunch and dishing in Miami. Calvin’s carrying a book called “Power Eating” as he leaves. He works to look that good. Yeah. MARRIED? To a woman? Two women?

Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online

By J. Harvey

  1. Hulla

    I think he DOES look 65.

    Of course he’s looks great and fit and healthy but he looks 65 imo.

    Nothing wrong with that.

  2. cueylove

    yes he is hot for 65, but the guy is with is just fucking HOT

  3. Miss Klein used to drunkenly stumble into the old Times Square hustler bar Stella’s and literally pluck a dancer from the stage and take them home. The next time you saw the dancer, he would be dressed in Calvin Klein-head to toe. I wonder wear he found the piece he’s having brunch with???

  4. zelda

    They’re also on Lincoln Road in Miami…which is like the gay man’s mecca for lunching and showing off your purse dog in Miami.

  5. sexyback

    But don’t all men, straight and gay alike, dress like that in Miami? When I was there, that was all I saw. But for real… twice?

  6. seriously

    hell yeah he looks 65. he’s in good shape but he looks exactly like a pumice stone. seriously.

  7. Nanc'

    “…looks like a pumice stone”
    Ha,ha,ha! Thanks! That was a good one!

  8. blah

    I thought it was brought out years ago that he’s bisexual. That would explain the manpris and that fit body of his. Straight men his age look like John Belushi – it’s terrible.

  9. Raze

    He’s not bisexual. Those women were beards. He was afraid everyone would think he had AIDS if he said he was gay in the 80′s. That’s why he married Kelly. He’s a hypocrite and I refuse to buy anything from him.

  10. No real Gay man would wear flip flops in public.

    But, in the 70′s he was known to spend time in NYC at 405 E 54 St., AKA 4 outta 5 where many Gay actors/designers/models lived — along with Hermione Gingold.

  11. I’m pretty sure he’s straight. His dining companion is HAWT

  12. Hey Cupcake

    I don’t know if he’s gay or straight, but wouldn’t it seem obvious that a man in the fashion industry would hang out with plenty of gay men? Particularly in Miami?

    I agree, though – he’s pumicey. I think he’s about 70 years old in the face.

  13. gr8guyca

    Of course, he’s gay. Years ago, I had a meeting with him at his office to discuss a business deal. He was incredibly friendly and very attentive to me. Charming in every way. After we left the meeting, I turned to one of his assistants and commented on how nice he was. Her reply, “Well, you’re his type.”

  14. Sallysays

    I had the chance to meet Calvin recently at a dinner. He is not only one of the nicest people, but so successful and generous. And his company has employed millions of people.

    Who cares who he sleeps with.. I mean people – please. Get a life.

  15. tmrptmpr

    well, actually, sallysays, i have a life, one that is open and honest. it doesn’t involve denying my sexual identity for decades, which i would view as a terrible thing to do, especially if i were in a situation where i could have an effect on young men and women whose lives are destroyed by homophobia. i mean, he’s a fucking fashion designer. how hard would it have been to admit he’s gay. jesus h. christ!! he’s a douchebag opportunistic sleazeball.

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