Calum Best Pissed Someone’s Husband Off

Calum Best is the British “model” that was sharing Lindsay Lohan’s coke stash awhile back. She went into rehab, and he went back to England to find someone else to buy the drugs. He was recently punched in the face by the husband of some slag he was hitting on.

Calum was Linekers Bar in Puerto Banus, Spain chatting up some broad when her husband came out of the men’s room. This guy is funny, because he was devious. He asked Calum to pose for a photo. Calum, being an egocentric model with no idea of right or wrong or consequences, was more than willing. When the husband asked Calum to smile, he did and the husband socked him! HAH!

This is where you end up if you date Lindsay Lohan.

Photos: WENN