Call Me Gangnam [VIDEO]

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What happens when two viral songs come together in a mash-up? A viral song love child is born. For some reason, people have decided that putting ‘Call Me Maybe’ with ‘Gangnam Style’ is a good idea.

Six months ago the video for Carly Rae Jepsen’s song ‘Call Me Maybe’ was released. In that time, it has racked up over 270 million views! There are at least 200 parodies of the song made by various Youtubers. Justin Bieber and Michael Trevino were shown at the 2012 Teen Choice Awards lip-syncing the songs. You know you’re a big deal when two stars like them give your song attention.

Surprisingly, the video for ‘Gangnam Style’ by Psy has even more views than Call Me Maybe. After being released just two months ago, the video has gained over 280 million views! Britney Spears has tweeted about it, promoting him, as well as many other people. Counting up how many parodies there are is impossible because new ones are being released every single day.

This mash-up is the most nonsensical things since the two songs aren’t related in anyway, but for some reason it still works.