Cable News Is My Boyfriend: Anderson Cooper’s Uniform

Our intern Allie Snyder is addicted to cable news, and this is the first of her weekly columns.

  • Anderson Cooper’s broadcast from Arizona last night marked the return of the rugged, yet fashionable military shirt that was ever so popular during Katrina coverage. I swear he buys these in bulk. [All Things Anderson]
  • Every man in America just diagnosed himself with sexomnia. “I have to warn you, sometimes I have sex in my sleep. If I sneak up on you tonight, just go with it.” Thanks CNN. A video of people having sex while asleep. [CNN]
  • Is anyone surprised that Dick Cheney has all of his televisions tuned to FOX news? Breaking: Cheney loves FOX news [TSG]
  • Wet t-shirt contests, beer bongs, anonymous sex and Lou Dobbs. Spring Break 2006 is going to be ridiculous! Lou Dobbs is going to Cancun. [Media Bistro]
  • You know your country’s fat when there is a need for supersize ambulances. [MSNBC]
  • Why didn’t I ever think of this? Damn you claw machine. [MSNBC]

Written By Allie Snyder