Buy Brad Pitt’s Home For Just $28 Million

October 4th, 2005 // 14 Comments

You know you want it. You could turn it into a shrine, celebrating the All-American dream marriage that went awry.

The house, which is being sold as part of the couple’s divorce settlement, is empty of furniture, the paper reported. The stars, who lived there less than two years, have moved on to separate residences in Malibu. Pitt, 41, and Aniston, 36, bought the 10,000 square foot, Wallace Neff-designed home for about $13.5 million in 2001. They then spent two years refurbishing it.

The house was built in a French Normandy style in the 1930s for actor Fredric March. Realty agents who have seen the house told the paper that it has some high-end features, including a screening room with film equipment and black leather seating; tennis courts; imported mahogany floors; a stainless-steel kitchen; and an art studio with skylights. The white living room walls are covered in lacquer akin to the shiny surface of a sports car, the paper said. The master suite features his and hers sitting rooms, one of which was turned into a large closet. The ground level features a bar with glass walls opening to an outdoor fireplace, pool and spa.

Aniston, Pitt put house on market [Reuters]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Ryann

    The end of an era….

  2. Lisa

    The house is breathtaking! I saw it online yesterday. I’ve tried to see it again, but the site is overloaded.

  3. friends fanatic

    that isnt the house that i have seen a lot of other people showing off as the house for sale. the house i saw surround the pool more and is light colored with wood accents, not all dark wood.

  4. Booboo

    I think I’ll buy two of them, one to shit on and one to cover it up with.

  5. bob

    does anyone have the website the house is posted on?

  6. Erik

    Hey, the craftsman house you have pictured is around the corner from me…it does belong to Brad, but this isn’t the house that Ben and Jen are selling. that one is in Bev Hills.

  7. netty

    why doesnt Jen just move out so Bradgelina can move in. I’m sure they wouldnt mind. they have no shame.

  8. William

    Zahara is a rape baby. A product of a brutal sexual assault. Now Whorelina lies about it to the world, the same way she lied when she denied going out with Brad.

    When I look at Zahara’s ugly ugly face I just see rape written all over her.

    Brad has the f*cking kid he deserves. Look at the second rate kid he’s got. The genetic material of her violent rapist father. And now stupid, stupid Brad is wasting his time and energy on her. What a foolish foolish man.

    I hope Zahara grows up to be just like her old man, a violent little chip off the old brutal rapist block, and gives Angelina the sh*t she deserves once Zahara hits her teens.

    Yes. Karma is coming back to bite Angie in the ass. Those freaky third world kids she bought are going to be the death of her once they hit their teens. Book space at Rikers and the Betty Ford clinic. Angie’s kids are coming to stay in 16 years time.

  9. Jenra

    Geez William are you angry at the world? Also, are you sure your name is William and not…..Jennifer? Just curious!

  10. Flying Muffins

    Will, your sad. So sad I think I will laugh.

  11. Brad Pitt will get what he deserves

    Brad isn’t thinking straight and seems to think Whorelina is amazing.

    I think he has deluded himself into thinking that those third world kids are like real kids and that he and the two purchased children are actually a family. Of course, from the outside looking at them they look like a freakshow but I think deluded, pussy seeking Brad actually thinks Angelina is wonderful and probably makes excuses for all her freaky behaviour in the past (like: she’s changed, we all make mistakes when we are young), and stuff like that.

    I think the guy is head over heels. He’s lost the plot.


    I’ll be there, loving it, and enjoying the show.

  12. I hope that there is some way that you can trace people who say mean things on the internet and expose who thay are. Talking about you William, you fake freak. You mother-less dung heap.

    Angelina and Brad are wonderful. When you are homeless and living under a bridge, they will still be loved and admired by millions.

    Try asking Jennifer for an autograph and watch the smirk that she gives you. She would not stop to pee on you, if your throat was on fire.

    Go somewhere and read a book. Get a job. Volunteer at an old folks home. Find some good deed to do, and than do it. Paint a picture. Plant a tree.

    Brad may have had it nice with Jennifer, but he deserves wonderful, and now he is lucky enough to have fantastic!

  13. earlene

    hey I do not like angelina and brad myself for the things they have done, but these babys she went and got are just that babys. they had nothing to do with the way they live there lifes. so anyone to call babys names are no better better then the dity on the bottom of thier own shoes or what they may step in. call brad and her what you want, BUT no child from any where in the world should be called names like you are doing. I think you are a true nut case. I hope you grow up and stop being so stupid.

  14. looloo

    am I the only one that realizes that is NOT the house that Brad and Jen have for sell? Pick up a copy on the new People and take a gander at the real deal…much nicer.

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