Busta to be Busted

Busta Rhymes could be in trouble for giving the beatdown to people.

The musician Busta Rhymes is to face accusations that he assaulted a member of his staff, it was revealed yesterday.

The rapper is already looking at the possibility of a prison sentence, with charges of assault,attempted assault and harassment for allegedly physically attacking a fan who chose to spit on one of his vehicles in New York, last year.

Now Busta is reported to have hit one of his chauffeurs on Boxing Day at his office in the Big Apple.

Eddie Hatchett, placed a complaint saying that he visited Mr Rhymes to pick up some cash that he was due, but his employer struck him, causing some lacerations to his face.

Imagine going to pick up your paycheck and your boss hits you upside the head? That would be like my publisher boarding a flight to Boston on payday, taking a taxi from Logan, ringing my doorbell and when I answered – punching me dead in the face. And I still get taxes taken out.

In other observations, someone who spits on your car can hardly be called a “fan”.

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