Busta Rhymes Cries into His Birthday Cake


I’m not exactly sure why, but it sounds like Busta Rhymes was not a happy camper at his 35th birthday bash in Miami. His party took place last weekend at Suite and, according to the Post, “he acted miserable and no one in his entourage spoke to him all night. Busta just stood in a corner alone with his bodyguard. When one of the waitresses brought him a bottle of Cristal with a lit sparkler sticking out of the cork, he claimed he never wanted it and ordered her to send it back.” Well, that doesn’t sound like fun. Apparently, he also said he didn’t plan on paying for the liquor and “spent the rest of the night mouthing the words to his own songs.” I miss the old Busta Rhymes, who used to live under a fish-eye lens and make goofy faces. Who is this moody rapper sitting before me, too bummed out to even require me to show him my hands? Cheer up, buckaroo.

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