Bust Out the Hula Hoops and Roller Skates, Crazy People. It’s “American Idol” Audition Time Again.

Believe it or not, it’s already time for more “American Idol.” Auditions are currently taking place in Texas, attracting the typical crowd mixed with the talented, mediocre and downright delusional. Sometimes, it’s hard to know who is who.

“I know the game now,” said Davies, 29, who was booted from the show last season after making the first cut. “You can’t give them everything at once.”

I can’t really get into that show–except for the part where the really horrible people sing, or the occasional strange outbursts/bouts of unconsciousness exhibited by “Idol” judge, Paula Abdul and quite frankly, I could get all of that, without the annoying singing from “Hey Paula.” It’s like I had all the important stuff distilled in vitamin form for easy consumption that sifted out all the “Good job, Dawg” and Simon and Ryan banter that used to just bore me. Speaking of Paula, her current beau, restaurateur, J.T. Torregiani seems to still be hanging on and I must say I’m impressed with his perseverance. Or at least, she’s still got him agreeing to pose for pictures with her, which I’ve learned from past experience is just at as good as a real relationship.