BURN! Levi Johnston Is ‘Jon Gosselin With Abs’

After the story broke that Levi Johnston would be making a bid as mayor for his hometown in Alaska and taping it for a new reality show, we come to find out that’s more-or-less a pipe dream and that most execs find the concept boring.

“I’m just incredibly uninterested,” said one network’s executive in charge of unscripted programming. “We’ve seen him naked. We’ve heard him bash the Palins. What more is there that we need to know? He’s a cute kid but not the most interesting person to watch.

“We have a lot of interest,” said Scott Stone, the producer of the project.

“People will say what they will about Levi. He’s very comfortable in his own skin. His statement that’s he’s ‘half-redneck and half-Hollywood’ is really who he is. It will be great to let him be that without being encumbered by anybody else’s expectations.”

Johnston, one cable network insider said snarkily, is like “Jon Gosselin with abs.”

Well, it’s probably safe to say that TLC won’t be picking up the show since they’ve already went with Sarah Palin’s Alaskan travelogue series.

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