Brad Pitt Tries Out A New Do For ‘Burn After Reading’

Angelina Jolie must have laughed like hell when he came at her with that coif. There was probably a no sex rule. Oh who am I kidding, that’s standard. Nothing must disturb her milky white perfection. Here’s Brad Pitt playing a dumbass health club worker in the Coen Bros. new flick, Burn After Reading.

All I need to know is that it stars Tilda Swinton, and I’m there. She could be giving cat grooming instructions and I’d buy a ticket. And I’m not a pussy person. Obviously.

The movie concerns John Malkovich’s CIA employee memoirs falling into Brad’s hands and George Clooney has to clean up the mess. It sounds terrible, but it’s the Cohen Brothers so it will probably win someone an Oscar.

Brad probably actually had that haircut at one time. I’ve seen the earlier photos. It wasn’t pretty pre-Thelma and Louise.