Burn That Dumpy Two-Piece, Ke$ha

Pop oddball Ke$ha is down in Australia on her “Get $leazy” tour, having mastered the headline on the beaches of Adelaide yesterday.  What the whuck is that mish-mosh of fabric she put on?  Undergarments?  A discarded two-piece from the clearance bin?  I am in no way criticizing Ke$ha’s body, but I do insist she tear up that abomination immediately.  While we embrace her oddities on stage, the beach is a place to hang out and wear clothing that isn’t so complicated (or offensive, for that matter).  Plus, what if you were to get a sunburn?

London’s DAILY MAIL reports that the singer has been performing around the country, and is about to debut the video for her single “Blow,” which stars James Van Der BeekKe$ha penned Britney Spears’ latest single “Till The World Ends.”

PHOTOS: See Ke$ha In Action

Ke$ha’s tour is scheduled to continue in Japan, but that is still undetermined given the country’s recent natural disasters.