Divas Weren’t The Ones Fighting On ‘Burlesque’ Set

November 12th, 2010 // Leave a Comment

As much as we’d love to report that Cher punched Christina Aguilera, or that Kristen Bell titty-twisted Stanley Tucci, we can’t. It seems there were two other people causing all the drama on the set of the new film Burlesque.

Apparently, director Steven Antin and Screen Gems president Clint Culpepper (unbelievable right?) clashed all the time on the set. Even better, the two are a longtime couple and Burlesque was their first professional collaboration…

A source told The Hollywood Reporter, which details all the drama, that the close relationship between the two led to some “jaw-dropping” clashes on the highly-charged set.

It seems at one point, Culpepper poured an iced tea of Antin’s head, that their arguments were so loud and abrasive that Cher finally asked for a calmer set. Hell, even Aguilera’s manager called Culpepper to tell him to stop yelling all the time because it bothered Christina, being from an abusive childhood and all. Aguilera was spotted yesterday in a hot pink dress going to tape her episode of Chelsea Lately.

I guess we’ll see what this movie has to offer and if it’s going to live up to all this hype…

By Justin Thompson

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