‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ Was The Greatest Television Show In History

March 21st, 2008 // 32 Comments

There. Now that I’ve given you the truth, we can talk. Here’s snaps from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer reunion last night at the William S. Paley Television Festival. The entire cast reunited for a panel discussion. I would have given my eye teeth to be there.

This would be considered kind of a big deal because Sarah Michelle Gellar rarely condescends to do interviews, DVD special features, or appearances with the rest of the Buffy gang. And she showed up last night. Joss Whedon is GOD!

I am such a geek.

Anyway, Sarah reminisced about how all her actress friends mocked her for auditioning 11 times for “a midseason replacement on a network no one had heard of on a show based on a movie that wasn’t all that.”

Is anyone out there a Buffy geek like J. Harvey? I miss Anya. I miss Oz. I miss Giles, and Willow and Xander. I miss Tara. I miss Tara and Willow. I miss Sunnydale. I don’t miss the Potential Slayers from the last season. Next! Spike looks old. James Martsers, are you OK? Emma needs to lose the hat. Don’t ugly yourself, baby. Charisma Carpenter got so shafted on Angel because the dummy got pregnant for real and Joss didn’t like that mess. Amber Benson is so hot and needs to work more.

Michelle Trachtenberg tries too hard. Where’s Allyson Hannigan? Uh, How I Met Your Mother is NOTHING compared to Buffy! Get your priorities straight! Doogie Howser and Britney Spears do not compare to Joel Gray and magical lesbians!

Is Sarah trying to get with Seth Green? Bitch is married!

I need a Buffy movie. The comic book isn’t enough.

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22 more photos from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer reunion featuring Sarah Michelle Gellar, Michelle Tractenberg, Charisma Carpenter, Nicholas Brendon, Seth Green, James Marsters, Emma Caulfield, Josh Whedon, Amber Benson and Tom Lenk are after the jump.

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By J. Harvey

  1. Steph

    LOL! Seriously, it was THE best show ever. And I totally wasn’t into the many slayers thing either…

  2. RND

    Don’t forget the Buffybot! “That’ll put marzipan in your pieplate, Bingo.”

    I’m with you, J. Best. Show. Ever. At least there’s always the box set. *sigh*

  3. Steph

    Seriously, it was THE best show ever. I still don’t really get the many slayers thing either – and I love how I say that as if the whole thing wasn’t a suspension of disbelief to begin with…

  4. fifth_miracle

    J. Harvey… you are not alone>>my hubby and I love love love Buffy>>Joss is the closest to god-force if there ever was one>>Happy Egg weekend!!

  5. Sam

    Uh four comments? Buffy was brilliant, bastards.

  6. debkakes

    Buffy = Best. Show. Evar.
    They all look really good — except for Spike. Honey, that is some damage. Has it been THAT many years/drinks/grams?

  7. Buffy = Best.Show.Ever.

    OMG – is that ANDREW in the last pic!??

  8. si

    Spike is 45. Give him a break.

  9. Sassygirl

    Poor Spike looks more like Beevis…hehehehe

  10. S_M_G

    You know J. I knew I loved you for a reason :-)) I was actually just watching “This Year’s Girl” and logged in here to see this!

    It was without a doubt the best show EVER!

    And, come on give James a break. He was already so much older than all of them when he was on the show! He just looked young. He is still HOT as hell in my book! Long live Spuffy :PP

  11. person

    Why no David Boreanaz? The Buffy-Angel-Angelus affair was one of my favorite story lines. She had to kill him right when he became good again to save the world? That episode nearly made me cry.

    I am also so very happy that there are a lot of Buffy fans out there. Such a great show. There is nothing that addictive on tv these days.

  12. Persistent Cat

    I miss Buffy :(

  13. amylopan

    LOL, I actually have a BTVS tattoo, so how’s that for geeky?

    Seriously, though, I would love Charisma Carpenter more if she hadn’t whored herself out to Playboy. That seriously shocked me – now she looks tainted and desperate in my eyes. JMO

  14. lucifer

    Sarah has to do interviews & what not bc her movie career is cooling off … hopefully that means the Buffy movie is coming but they need to hurry bc Spike is clearly aging & Xander ain’t so hot either.

  15. Nikki

    Seriously, you should check out the podcast Buffy Between the Lines, if you are a Buffy fan, not just a SMG fan. http://www.BuffyBetweenTheLines.com

  16. Mia

    i SERIOUSLY went thru withdrawal when Buffy ended. Angel at least gave me my fix, but that was rudely and wrongly canceled, like Firefly.

    I Miss Buffy!!

  17. Xicana

    Buffy is the Best Show Ever! I have all the seasons on dvd and the graphic novels! I’ve seen the show all the way through many, many times.

    But I’ve got to agree with everyone, the seventh season sort of lost me. I didn’t like the many slayers or the fact that everyone dumped on her all the time when things went wrong.

    And I loved Spike!

  18. Kayleigh

    Damn, did I ever love Buffy!!

    They all look great, except, yeah, James Marsters. Too bad, Spike was way hot.

    I like Emma’s hat. I didn’t appreciate Anya at the time.

  19. Sammy r

    who is debkakes coz you are sooo wrong spike looks well gud n he is da best. buffy da vampire slayer is da best t.v show eva n it shud go on 4 eva coz it da best n i luv da cast n da musical episode woz one of ma faves, luv yaz, ya should get the crew bck n do a season eight in film coz it would be well sick n i have watch all 7 episodes soo many times i need to watch more and more coz it is da best, keep it up, n i think joss wedon is kl n a gud writer,

  20. Miranda

    I LOVE BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER SO MUCH! It is the best show ever and it has helped me get through rough times in my life. I miss it soo much and I think they should make a Movie as a final conclusion.

  21. Nan

    Buffy save my life so many times…

  22. siv

    I want Buffy movie,and Bufy and Angel to be together.

  23. Mia

    I miss Buffy, it was an amazing show.
    I also want a Buffy movie.

    But does anyone know when the fans have a great big get together and people come from around the world to that one place? I saw it on season 6 or 7 extras but it didn’t say when or where?

  24. Lee

    Buffy was the best show ever and will never be beaten.. James looks ok, He scrubs up better lol.. A buffy movie would be awesome.. More to reunite Buffy with Spike.. (Not Angel)
    It could Answer the following questions:

    Does Buffy know Spike is alive?

    What happened after the last scenes of Angel?

    Where did Lorne & Faith endup?

    How did the demise of Wolfram & Hart affect the world?

    And what happened to good old Clem? (Member him)

    Also: Angel never explained what them Ninja Robots were doing??

  25. Tom

    I want Buffy bak the gift is the best episode along with the body which i watched today i must add..joyce and faith were the best (faiths hot!)
    Tom lenk (andrew) is hilarious
    Buffy so beats charmed even tho i watch them both
    Why did fred die?
    Why did oz leave?
    Why is faith so hot?
    And why did anya die stupid fucking bringers
    And tabula rasa-michelle branch was amazing and willow and tara all ways in my heart <3
    Peace out
    Double meat palace :)

  26. RJ

    Why has no network gone up to Joss and offered him oodles of cash to write a script for Buffy the Movie – round 2???

    Ugh! I want a movie soooo bad!!!

    Btw, James (Spike )is like 46, so obviously he looks older, but he’s still a cutie… Hopefully we’ll get a movie before he turns 50…

  27. Rob

    Buffy is the greatest TV show… It has given me so much over the years and although we still have the season 8 comics, I miss the TV show so much. A movie would be great but a new TV series using the Final Fantasy (Movie) computer animation based on teh Season 8 Comics to continue the stories would be great. Even if it went staight to dvd it would sell like hot cakes… :o)

  28. Jojo

    I love the buffy and angel series so much!! i still watch the box set of both every night when i’m free!! I agree buffy is the best TV show ever!

    Bring on a buffy movie spinoff Joss!

  29. indiya

    omg!! yes yes yes!!

    there should totally be a buffy movie, i have only just got inot the buffy episodes, but im already addicted!! =)

    i cried soo bad wen buffy “killed” angel!

    i hope that if a new movie is made, buffy and angel get back together, they were such a gud couple!! =)


  30. kay

    i love this show!

    oz and buffy are my favourite but y no willow i heard that alyson and sarah are not friends anymore but who knows.

    i loved the angel show as well with charisma but i was so mad when joss killed her off but i like the prom episode of buffy but its so sad.

    they should really make a buffy movie using all the original cast members except for darla, faith and drusilla omg i hated them and faith was a horrible actress.

  31. Bree

    everything you just said is what i have been preaching my whole life!!!!!! i literally agree with everythging you just said. GOD I LOVE TRUE BUFFY FANSS!! and, of course, btvs.

  32. Christian

    I love Buffy! I still watch the eps everytime I have a chance! I got into loving Willow a lot more the second time around. I hate that the owners of the original Buffy movie want to make a new movie without Joss or any opf the original cast! They would really really mess things up… Thats like blasfemy!

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