Bryce Thompson – Male Model Monday

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This is South African model Bryce Thompson and he is this week’s addition to Male Model Mondays.

While you may know Bryce from his modeling work, he’s made waves in the last week for a tweet.

Twitter went CRAZY earlier when a sexy male model tweeted that he had auditioned for the role of Christian Grey. Male model Bryce Thompson is going after the role of the kinky billionaire. 

One of his Twitter followers asked him if he was going to be cast in the movie Fifty Shades of Grey as the lead character and he responded: “Just at audition phases. Working on it.”

Check out Bryce’s stats below.

Bryce Thompson
Height: 191/6′ 3″
Bust: 102/40″
Waist: 81/32″
Shoe Size: 44/11
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Length: Short
Eye Color: Green