Bryan Cranston & Aaron Paul Arrive At ‘Breaking Bad’ Premiere In An RV, Remain Awesome

Aaron Paul's Best Moments
Paul Shows His Excitement At The Emmys
I think that they should officially rename Breaking Bad to Breaking Sad, because that’s what I’m gonna be when the hit AMC show ends this season.

Sure we’ve had plenty of time to prepare for the end, but can you imagine not having the glory of Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul on your TV every week? I don’t even wanna! Luckily we’ll always have these awesome photos from the red carpet premiere for the final episodes.

I mean, does it get better than Bryan and Aaron rolling up in an RV? I don’t think so! 

Also I love seeing Anna Gunnbeing so fancy on the red carpet. Sure she and Aaron cuddling isn’t as perfect as Aaron and Bryan cuddling, but we love it anyway.

Alright folks, are you mentally prepared for the end? Hopefully we’ll all be able to process it in our own way, but let’s start by launching the gallery and seeing just how awesome the Breaking Bad folks are in real life, too!