Bruno Brings The Bull To Spain

June 18th, 2009 // 1 Comment

For the premiere of his newest film, Bruno, Sacha Baron Cohen has been stepping out in one ridiculous outfit after another.

Following up his super-sexy traditional English guard costume for the premiere of the comedy in England, the comedian stepped out in a figure-hugging head-to-toe bull costume at the Las Ventas bullring for the Spanish premiere of his film.

Taking on the role of the gay Austrian fashionista, Cohen addressed the crowd in Madrid by saying, “Ich have come to redress the wrong done to the gay community by that Hollywood movie on Harvey Milk which was acted by Sean Penn, who’s not even gay.”

Meanwhile, who could pay attention to what he was saying with all of those sexy matadors by his side? Olé!

Gallery Info: Sacha Baron Cohen in a bull costume as Bruno at the film premiere at the Las Ventas bullring in Spain.

By Lisa Timmons


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