Bruno Mars Wears Many Hats For GQ [PHOTOS]

Singer/writer/producer extraordanaire Bruno Mars is featured in a photo shoot for GQ magazine. Appropriately, Mars is wearing a different hat in each photo.

This last year has been good to Bruno Mars whose album scored triple-platinum sales, landed seven Grammy nominations, and he wrote the hook from Cee Lo Green’s “Fuck You.” As he says, he’s just keepin’ it real.

PHOTOS: Bruno Mars Without A Hat On

There was one big stumble thought. Last September, Mars was busted for cocaine possession at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Vegas. “I’m not gonna preach that I’m a role model,” he says. “I’m a fucking musician! But I’ve learned people are watching, so don’t do nothing stupid.” He’s just hoping to keep his nose clean (so to speak), acknowledging that there’s no backup plan. “My jump shot sucks,” he says.