Bruno Mars Sings ‘The Little Mermaid’ [VIDEO]

Bruno Mars
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Bruno Mars
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Bruno Mars is already mildly irritating, his radio friendly pop music consumes the airwaves. Despite his phlegmatic anthems, I’ll admit he does have an adequate voice. However, this video clip of him singing songs from The Little Mermaid is just goofy, a big ball of blase embarrassment.

I think that Ashton Kutcher should be coming out at the end because I feel like I’m being Punk’d. Is this a publicity stunt? If so, I am not amused. Please, do not take everyone’s childhood nostalgia and desecrate it with this less than thoughtful cover of “Part of your World.” A male singing about the difficulties of being a Little Mermaid is just sad. Maybe next time, he could cover anything else besides a song that involves Disney princesses. Not cool, Bruno.

Watch the video below.