Bruno Mars: Good vs. Bad

Bruno Mars, a.k.a. Peter Hernandez is dealing with lifetime highs as well as lows in 2011. He was recently nominated for seven different awards at this year’s Grammy’s. He walked away with the Best Male Pop Vocal Performance Award which is an accomplishment to say the least. He has been making music and collaborating with different artists for years. However, this year he definitely made his presence known.

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Unfortunately sometimes when the future is on your doorstep, you still have to deal with your past. Mars was visting the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas when he was confronted for suspicion of narcotics.

E! reports, “After his show, he made his way to the Hard Rock, where a bathroom attendant spotted him with a bag containing 2.6 grams of a suspiciously white powdery substance. Security was alerted, and the rest is pop culture history.”

Well today was the day of reconciliation. Mars made his way to court and chose to plead guilty to possession of cocaine. The judgment came back that he is to pay a 2,000 dollar fine, attend drug counseling, complete 200 hours of community service. If all of these requirement are met and he stays our of trouble for the next 12 months then we will see a felony-free record for Mars. That type of luck is out of this world. Let’s hope he appreciates the slack he was cut and keeps his life tight in the mean time.