Bruce Willis Enjoyed Some Nookie From…Courtney Love?

(Mavrix Photo)

Yowzah. I’m really sorry I wasn’t able to witness this in action, as I’m sure it would have been quite amusing to see. When Bruce Willis celebrated his 52nd birthday last week on March 19th, he enjoyed some face time with one Ms. Courtney Love. New York Daily News’ Gatecrasher reports:

The unlikely couple were spotted in flagrante canoodle March 19 at the Roxy nightclub on Sunset Blvd. “They were full-on making out,” laughs a witness.

The venue was packed for a 9 p.m. performance by boozy Brit rocker Amy Winehouse.

If Daddy Willis was hoping to outdo little Rumer’s wasted condom-in-mouth pics of recent days, then I think it’s safe to say he wins. Or perhaps he was doing it to bring the media attention on himself and away from his little girl. If that’s the case, then making out with Courtney Love may be the bravest, most selfless thing he’s ever done.