Bruce Willis Crowning Miss Italia

September 23rd, 2005 // 23 Comments

You can call me Daddy.

(Images via ONTD)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. He’s waaay too many nips and tucks.

  2. ella

    those facial expressions are classic!

  3. LuvChoo

    Is that the VS Second Skin or IPex she’s wearing?

  4. Eheheheh… I watched it in realtime.. I’m italian and it was so funny to see Bruce in the jury of that contest! :-)

  5. Jane

    Ewww, I thought that was James Carville!!!

  6. tempy

    Bruce probably hit it after the pagent. He loves girls with dark features/hair.

    She gots some little titties for a pagent winner. American pagent queens are always siliconed.

  7. Lily

    that crown looks like it was made by a pre-schooler who cut it out and poured glitter all over it.

  8. Cattt

    Bruce is gross.

  9. lynno

    Mussolini Lives.. !!!

  10. BOO

    He looks like a perv.

  11. That is a crappy looking crown!

  12. Hiss

    In the second photo he looks like he’s giving her a cavity search.

  13. boooo

    She ain’t no Monica Belucci!

  14. Morgan

    The crown was made completely of diamonds by Miluna (here:

    Miss Italia never – or seldom – had big tits: you can watch the history of the pageant here

  15. Morgan

    The crown was completely incrusted with diamonds and was handcrafted by Miluna (here:

    Miss Italia never – or seldom – had big tits: you can watch the history of the pageant here

  16. Morgan

    Sorry for posting a double comment…I wanted to rewrite it and accidentally hit Enter before making corrections.

  17. Gemma

    Hey, B-Dub is no perv, he is one helluva guy, and she is lucky to be close enough to talk to him. BW- looking good as usual!

  18. Hiss

    Miluna, huh? I was wondering who shamelessly ripped off Burger King’s classic design.

  19. HI, I’m italian, I live in Milan and I watched the final show of Miss Italia. I adore Buce Willis…he’s sooooo cool!!!
    The crwn is totally covered of diamonds…but yes, it seems a paper crown made by a 3y.o. child…:-)))

  20. bathina

    so nice to finally see comments by other italians who, like me, read A Socialite Life
    ciao a tutti!

  21. I read SocialiteLife EVERYDAY!!! I’m addicted to this blog/site…I adore gossip-fashion-candids-celebs and so on!
    Ciao da Milano!Fashion week!!

  22. Silasdog

    Hiss is right on!

  23. bathina

    ciao Holly!
    conosci qualche buon indirizzo a Roma? a parte i soliti nomi grandi, intendo…

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