Brought To You By Crack

December 9th, 2005 // 11 Comments
By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Blindqueen

    It is a sad sad day. She looks like SHIT! What was once a beautiful diva is now a crack ho.

  2. Silasdog

    Yeeeaah, baby. Pass that crack pipe right over here.

  3. SMroxs

    Oh lord no. Tell me someone photo-shopped that to make her look worse. How sad.

  4. Cheesy


    Not only is crack whack, but it’s ugly and in need of a hairbrush.

  5. LizPhairian

    Oh, it’s not sooo…bad. Just a long night making baked alaska’s or maybe she’s addicted to crosswords?

  6. arabianprincess

    What the F happened to her! Damn she’s REALLY getting old.

  7. arabianprincess

    What the F happened to her! Damn she’s REALLY getting old.

  8. LizDexic

    Can’t a girl go out without makeup anymore?

    Leave her alone!

  9. JP Thrashya

    Is that Whitney or Richard Pryor??

  10. sina

    if I go to the gasoline station i also don’t dress myselfe like I go to the oscars!!! thougt about that Bro?
    When one of You sings as good as her and won so many prices, and looked so beautiful like she do or did bevore, then you are allowed to go out like that too and then you are allowed to talk like you do…think, everything comes back in life, so beware of what you do or say about people…
    I’m no fan..I just don’t some of her stuff…but write here to give people and love a chance!! please america ( team america;)) think!
    start thinking bevore acting…and ( most important), tell your president about it!!!!!
    please, for the rest of the world!!!

  11. Chrille

    It´s really sad that one more of the ^stars^ have got stuck in the drug world. I don´t get that, they have million ways to success in their lifes, still they need to try such shit/crap. Truly it´s sad, cus, the year she was born was 1963. So she´s not that old ;) damn, if she hadn´t used drugs I would lovly had her as my wife :)

    F***, she was so pretty and look at her now…


    Chrille (SWE)

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