‘Brothers and Sisters’ To Get Close. Real Close.

ABC’s Brothers and Sisters is coming back and 24 episodes have been ordered for their third season. Yay? I never got into this show. The only thing I want to get into is Balthazar Getty’s pants. I know the rest of you would focus on Dave Annable, but Getty always did it for me.

The next season will feature a big plot twist. Do you want to be spoiled? Do you? I don’t want a bitch complaining…so spoilers after the jump.

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12 more photos of the Brothers and Sisters cast attending The 5th Annual Triumph For Teens Award Gala featuring Patricia Wettig, Ken Olin, Emily Vancamp, Dave Annable, Mattew Rhys, Dave Annable, Sally Field, Ron Rifkin and Balthazar Getty are after the jump.

Dave Annable and Emily Van Camp’s characters are going to get together and push, push in the bush! The only problem is that these two are half brother and sister on the show. Flipper babies! Producers plan on addressing the issue by changing up their paternity or something. Annable and Van Camp are together in real life so apparently they have some chemistry,

For some reason, whenever I see Emily Van Camp, I think of Kimmy Gibbler from Full House. I know it’s a different actress, but it all blends together sometimes. Did Kimmy turn to Jesus like Candance Cameron?

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Photos: Getty Images