Brooklyn Decker Earns Her Paycheck For ‘Just Go With It’

Brooklyn Decker put on her bikini yesterday in what had to be a contractual requirement for Just Go With It. Please stand by for stories of Jennifer Aniston passing out after upping her workout routine to include jumping squats up Mount Kea twice a day.

Brooklyn sported the Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover look that made her famousish while filming in Maui, HI., and unfortunately for some of you it looks like she remembered to double knot that top this time.

For those of you more interested in how she got that body, Brooklyn created a fitness DVD for Exercise TV and Elle Magazine called Elle Make Better. She has 21 Bikini workout moves in the video although her favorite thing to do is run.

“I’ll run maybe two or three times a week–nothing crazy and I’ll go for about four miles,” Decker says. I think I just heard Jen shoot her while trying to catch her breath.