Brooklyn Beckham & Ava Phillippe: Celebrity Kid Couples We’d Love To See

Do you want fashionable? Do you want perfection? Do you want beautiful? Do you want famous families? Then look no further than Brooklyn Beckham and Ava Phillippe. How did I not notice these two perfect folks before?

Each week we strive to bring you a kid couple that would bring a new energy into Hollywood and you would definitely get that from these two. Both Brooklyn and Ava come from very famous families that would only get more boosts in awesomeness from these two.

Plus, they’re both so well-dressed and good-looking. 

I’m imaging that both Brooklyn and Ava are both a little bit burned out from being famous all their lives and would probably be looking for people who can understand that, but also want to lead a normal life. These two could definitely provide that for each other. Normalcy with just a hit of fame thrown in.

Launch the gallery to check out just how cute they’d be together. Look, they’re both even sort of dressing the same. Love it.