Brooklyn Decker Destroys Fantasy With Flannel

April 21st, 2010 // Leave a Comment

It’s weird to see Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover girl Brooklyn Decker hanging out on a beach in a flannel and skinny jeans. Shouldn’t she live in a bikini? For that matter this little girl watching her husband Andy Roddick running shirtless on the beach doesn’t look anything like the sultry cover girl or the siren from the launch party. What a difference makeup makes.

Anyway, the newly 23-year-old (happy belated birthday, Brooklyn) is filming scenes for Adam Sandler‘s new movie Just Go With It in Hawaii. I’m guessing she plays hot girl # 1 along side Hiedi Montag’s big boobed slutty girl # 3.

On what might be a day off Brooklyn comes to check out her hubby on his morning run as she sips on a beverage. At some point she appears with a football that Andy and a friend start playing with as she watches. Does this girl need to engage in any physical activity to be that tiny? I’m guessing not. She just waits for her man before the two walk back from the beach together.

By Madison Ventura

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