Brooke Shields Saves TomKat Wedding

November 29th, 2006 // 1 Comment

…by providing the “something old.” From Starpulse News Blog:

Brooke Shields saved pal Katie Holmes’ wedding day blushes recently when she served up the ‘something old’ gift. Shields admits she was stuck for a special gift and then learned Holmes was short of an old item to go with her something new, something borrowed and something blue traditional accessories. She says, “I had to give Katie the ‘something old’ and it wasn’t just me at the wedding, by the way. I actually bought her a gift.”

I guess you could look at it one of two ways: either Brooke was being helpful, or she was very cruelly taking away the technicality that Katie could possibly have used to back out at the last minute from going through with the wedding that would seal her fate. I prefer the latter scenario. Cause it involves aliens.

Brooke Shields Gave Katie Holmes ‘Something Old’ To Wear at Wedding [Starpulse News Blog]

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. coalharbourqt

    The “something old” that Brooke Shields gave Katie was an antique gold compact. Very classy and a lovely wedding gift!

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