Brooke Mueller’s 911 Call Released: ‘My Husband Had Me With A Knife”

I think I get what she means. Brooke Mueller’s “dramatic” 911 call tape has been released days after Charlie Sheen was arrested for an alleged domestic violence incident in Aspen, Colorado.

In the recording, a shaky and tearful Mueller says, “My husband had me with a knife (which she describes as a “switchblade”). I was scared for my life and he threatened me.”

Sheen, 44, and Mueller, 32, had been arguing at a friend’s house the night before “and it continued into the next morning,” says a source close to Mueller.

“I have people here,” Mueller says on the 911 call. “My family is here, but if I don’t file this right now … he’s in the other room. He is with somebody but he’s trying to leave.”

When the 911 operator asks for her name, Mueller says, “Brooke” quietly. When asked her husband’s name she pauses then says, “It’s Charlie Sheen,” and begins to cry.

I’m assuming because she’s embarrassed to have married such an asshole.

Listen to the 911 call after the jump.