Brooke Hogan Got A Stripper Pole

March 16th, 2009 // 10 Comments

Clearly Brooke Hogan is aware that people attend her concerts less out of
interest in her music than out of a particular craving for freakshow amusement. 

wannabe-singer put a new twist into her class act yesterday while
performing at the Calle Ocho music festival in Miami: a stripper pole!

Everyone’s favorite
new home accessory was violated repeatedly, as Brooke used it to hump, dance, and even
hang upside down, all while showing dangerous amounts of
partially-toned copper skin.  Those Hogans, they’re such daredevils!

And because nothing is TMI for the Hogan family, daddy Hulk Hogan didn’t seem to mind watching his daughter do her best Britney Spears impression for an audience of men who quite possibly share his (and his ex-wife‘s) love of cradle-robbing

When Hulk wasn’t busy with his girlfriend Jennifer McDaniel, he even congratulated Brooke for a job well done by hugging her with the kind of affection we’ve come to appreciate from him.  If only we all had such supportive parents!  

Gallery Info: Brooke Hogan Performs At Calle Ocho

By Laura Bulchis

  1. M

    Is Brooke Hogan unaware that she looks like a dude? It’s like watching the episode of King of Queens where Doug (kevin james) teaches Carrie how to work the pole.

  2. stewie

    & of course her father was there … I would feel uncomfortable watching my daughter pole dance in her unmentionables … but Hulk & Billy Ray Cyrus apparently have no problems w/ getting intimate w/ their daughters.

  3. IndicaGirl

    She’s so large….wow!

  4. Stickler

    Ew. I just threw up in my mouth a little.

    It’s so WEIRD that her Dad seems ok with her performing like that – and even weirder that she is performing like this in front of her Dad.

  5. Martiniman

    Hulk slipped a fiver in her waistband just to prime the pump…

  6. Elle

    This might not be the smartest career move she ever made but she’s a big beautiful stong girl.

  7. Elle

    This might not be the smartest career move she ever made but she’s a big beautiful strong girl.

  8. kanoa

    Ick. I’m sorry, I am not knocking the girl for flaunting her curves, but there is a way to dress with class for any body type, even if you do want to show a lot of skin.

    This is not it for hers.

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