Brokeback Mountain Wins GLAAD Award

March 28th, 2006 // 12 Comments

THis is no big surprise. If Brokeback Mountain had not won a GLAAD award just imagine how Annie Proulx would have reacted. As usual, the attendees are what makes the GLAAD awards a fun time.

Ang Lee‘s so-called gay cowboy movie took home the top prize at the 17th Annual GLAAD Media Awards Monday, adding yet another best picture trophy to its already sizable haul.

The epic western love story was up against some esteemed company for the honor: The saga of Jack and Ennis beat out Capote, The Family Stone, Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang and Rent for the title of outstanding motion picture in wide release. And helping to ensure there would be no repeat of Brokeback‘s Oscar upset, its awards nemesis, Crash, was not on the ballot.

“Finally, an award that actually means something to me,” the director said while accepting the nod. “Some of these are very meaningful to me. Okay, there was one that got away, but that’s okay.” Lee received a standing ovation upon accepting the award, which he said would be “the very last award I will accept for Brokeback Mountain…And to end the journey here tonight is like coming home.”

“The fact is Brokeback Mountain has helped to change the world,” he said of his heavily-accoladed film.

The watchdog group also gave kudos to Melissa Etheridge, naming her the year’s outstanding music artist with her album, Greatest Hits: The Road Less Traveled, and singer-songwriter Conor Oberst, aka Bright Eyes, whose video for the single “First Day of My Life,” received an award for special recognition.

“Brokeback” Lassos GLAAD Awards [E! Online]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. ladybug

    I think i am the only person on earth who did not like Brokeback mountain. I found it too long and boring and Heath Ledger mumbled every single one of his lines. I didnt even get the last line until i checked it out on the internet. Too bad becuase the subject matter was very promising.

  2. Darling, you know I love you but, why do you have that photo of that hideous creature under the headline for Brokeback? When we discuss this film we must see photos of Jake and his piercing blue eyes begging us to come over later!

  3. Tansy

    Who are the people in the second shot from the left?

  4. London

    omg.. the first photo is scary

  5. d.c.

    Gad, that is a sickening-features-smeared whatever creature in the first photo

  6. Marco

    Gay people should be called ‘weird people’…
    just my opinion after seeing theses photos of various ‘weirdo’s'…

  7. lucrece

    Ladybug, i’m with you on that one!! and frankly i’m so tired of that movie being considered the second coming of Christ!!! it didn’t deserve to win best picture at the Oscars and thank God it didn’t!!!!!
    one of the guys on that 2nd piccie is Andy Bell from the group ERASURE (he didn’t age well!!), don’t know the other one.
    What annoys me in those pictures though is that all of them look freakish thus perpetuating the notion that all homosexuals are freaky when 99% look PERFECTLY normal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Rake

    Heard backstage

    Sandra Bernhard:

    “See how much I love you guys to be here??!!”

    As she waved her personal invitation from Sharon Stone to the premiere of Basic Instinct 2 at all the fags in the green room. Word is she looked great.

  9. Steve

    I’m gay and I didn’t like Brokeback Mountain either. It was slow and uninspiring. I’ve seen many a “main stream” gay-focused movie come out over the years. Not sure why they decided to put this one up as “the first” of its kind. Pleazzze.

    As for those guests at the Gladd awards, it always makes me sad when the “freaks” are represented as the leaders within the gay community.

    There are many of us who live, work and behave like our “straight” brothers. I can only think that the press exploits this “circus act side of our community” to keep the gay movement from truly making the kind of jumps it could be. Anyone who has ever been to a Pride Parade knows what I’m talking about. Horrific!!!!!!

  10. tocutetoscoot

    Gallery of the Absurd hits the red carpet!

  11. Fag Hag

    Are you kidding?! I am not gay and I LOVED Brokeback. So nice to see a film just about two people, no fancy car chase scenes, no guns, no nonsense just a beautiful setting adn a wonderful chance to see two people fall in love.

    I loved it. grat movie. Best movie of the year. I want Jake Gyllenhaal (sp) so bad. He is hot! I can’t quit you Jake – I wish I could but I can’t! :)

  12. thumper

    Amanda Lepore only needs one more operation: she needs to be put to sleep. And never, never, ever photographed again. Respectable, legitimate transgendered and gay people everywhere are collectively cringing to see this human oddity in any way representing their culture.

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