Brody Jenner Tried to Forcefeed Nicole Richie, And Not For BFF Reasons

February 20th, 2007 // 7 Comments


Reality TV layabout Brody Jenner told Details that he was hanging out with Nicole Richie in an attempt to get her to eat. Because it would bring him fame and fortune as the one to help Richie solve her eating issues. Thanks, Bro. Are you a trained counselor? Maybe she was hanging out with you in an attempt to get you to get a job, bitch!

In a dialogue exchange that is part of a profile of Jenner in the March issue of Details, Spencer Pratt, described as Jenner’s “manager- slash- publicist-slash- agent-slash-stylist” says to Jenner, “Here’s what you’re gonna do. You’re gonna start dating Nicole Richie. And you’re gonna get that skinny bitch to eat, all right? You are about to become The Guy Who Got Nicole Richie to Eat. Process that sh–, bro. You’ll be, like, a f—ing hero to America.”

The plan, which was devised last August (just when Jenner and Richie did begin dating), was actually part of Jenner’s scheme to ride Richie’s coattails and become a more familiar name himself – which, as Details points out, proved successful, because here it is interviewing him.

HAH! Seriously? Is this for real? Actually, it is. Keep reading.

A week after Jenner and Richie split in October, Jenner forged a relationship with The Hills costar Lauren Conrad. (That ended quickly, too.)

“Basically,” says Jenner, 23, “I made it, like, my mission to try to go on a date with every girl on The Hills.”

He’s also extended his reach beyond the show. “Let’s see where Lindsay’s at, get her up in here,” Jenner is quoted as saying as he text-messages Lohan, though the two are merely described as “just friends.”

Even so, Lohan texted back and eventually shows up to meet Jenner at Hyde.

Not that all this scheming and schmoozing doesn’t leave Jenner time to be introspective. “This whole scene, this whole town – it’s so fake,” he says. “It’s like a movie set, like my life is a movie set. These people, they all think it’s real, but it’s not.”

And the future? “I wanna meet a girl who has nothing to do with L.A., a nice, normal, real girl.”

Yeah, cause any girl who reads that will be on a tear to hook up with your insincere ass. “My life is a movie set” indicates that he’s a probable sociopath and no one else is real but him. Run from him, ladies. Seriously, I think Ted Bundy had more of a conscience. And he kept girls’ heads in his fridge.

By J. Harvey

  1. annon

    sorry to say but their world/lives are real. to them at least. your comments are spot on.

  2. DK

    Someone should also note that his ‘manager’ spencer is the same Spencer from the hills.

  3. EraserFan

    Recently I have walked into the living room while my special girl was watching The Hills.

    It’s the worst show on television. I hate every person on it and I wish Heather Mills would beat every single one of them soundly with a wooden leg. I wish OJ would roll through town in a Bronco wearing leather gloves.

    I’m usually a very big opponent of censorship but I think that if George Bush personally banned the show, I might throw back into his corner. I think I would forgive the rest of his idiocy if I could be confident that I will never walk into the living room again and see that pack of asshats from the Hills. Do it for the Children, George!

  4. SFlover

    This guy is a total douche. His lines on the Hills made me sick, and now to hear this? His “manager” needs to go to business school and learn a thing or two about marketing. No girl wants a guy like this. Both Nicole and Lauren are too good for him – and that isn’t saying much.

  5. Me

    The Douches of Malibu. I hate both of those fuckers. My friends and I watch The Hills only to rip on their asses. If they think they are making great strides in their “careers” by being totall ass clowns on that show then they got another thing coming. Process that shit, bros.

  6. Lynn

    Amen to you all! It’s nice to see that the good citizens of America can see through the egocentrical, arrogant filth that our airways are being bombarded with. The only thing I loathe more than knowing that these people are taking up air time, is knowing that somewhere these shows might be broadcast in other countries and this will be their impression of America and Americans. Its no wonder the world hates our ass. I would hate it too.

  7. I worked in his stupid show “The princes of malibu”, not by will but by being tricked. I was with a background agency call “extras” and they send me to a spotlight for fox. When I got to the house they say it was a video for a real state company on how not to sell houses and it was only be seen by company members. They where telling me the lines as we were filmingw; when the camera wasn’t on me, someone will whisper something on my ear and stuff like that. That midget Spencer try to go out with me and I turned his smurf a** down. When I got drop off by my car is when they told me I was part of a reality tv show while laughing and taking off…I was furious, nothing was real and I was taking for a joke. I call the casting director and told him that if they show me I will sue them for slander and reach of contract, he was a brut. Yell at me “who do you think you are, a big time actress?”I said “no, I’m a human being and you lied to me”. They are very unprofessional, hope they keep making apes of themselfs…what a joke of a life!!

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