Brody Jenner And Nicole Richie Pretty Much Seem Like a Couple

August 24th, 2006 // 3 Comments

All the “celebrities” that you could ever want in one club at the same time, who were all gathered to help celebrate Brody Jenner’s 23rd birthday. They all arrived in a parade of bad fashion, except for Kim Kardashian who looked cute. Who all helped celebrate? There was Stavros Niarchos, Jack Osbourne, the previously mentioned Kim Kardashian, Nicky Hilton, Kevin Connelly, Tara Reid, Nicole Richie (who Brody was holding hands with), and last but not least Kristin Cavallari. Such a supportive ex-girlfriend that Kristin is.

Many more photos from Brody Jenner’s 23rd birthday party after the jump.

Written by Lauren Burch

(Splash News Online)

(Splash News Online)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. pagebetty

    ====== I hate his shoes. Hell! I hate his whole outfit. He’s pretty goodlooking so I think that he should definitely dress up more.

    =====He’s holding hands with that lady behind Nicole.=====

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