Brody Jenner’s Got Prayer On His Side

If Brody Jenner looks like a pretty fortunate guy with his girlfriend at the moment model Cora Skinner trailing behind, maybe it’s because he’s got a powerful prayer chain working in his favor. Spencer Pratt told People magazine, “We pray for Brody every day.” By “we” he, of course, meant him and his cult-of-one girlfriend, Heidi Montag. Spencer continued, “I pray every day that everything works out between us.”

Additionally, Heidi is doing some praying on her own, even though she says she’s not yet ready to forgive her former BFF on The Hills, Lauren Conrad. She laughed at the prospect and said, “I really pray for her!”

I noticed that no one specified to whom exactly they were praying. I have a feeling that their object of worship probably requires lots of sacrificial virgins and starts with an “S” and ends with “atan.”


7 more photos of Brody Jenner with his piece of the week, Cory Skinner, after the jump.