Brody Jenner Is About To Make Some Girl Very Lucky. Or Very Sick.

A Chicago bar is offering patrons a chance to win a date with reality TV star and professional slummer Brody Jenner. Yay. One lucky girl can win the following:

* Dinner & Drinks at a Chicago Hot Spot with Brody Jenner & Friends
* Limousine Transportation to McFadden’s, to Walk the Red Carpet for the Paparazzi
* Red Carpet Outfit, with Personal Stylist and Hair Style, Courtesy of Akira Chicago

Friends? So you get a train run on you by slimy rich guys? No, thanks. So the red carpet is to walk into the bar with him? Who are the paparazzi? His friends? Your friends? That’s a hot event. Here’s what I hope. I hope a hunchback gay guy with the mannerisms and look of Bobby Trendy wins this bitch. And shows up in his frilliest outfit and wielding a Costco-sized tub of Astroglide. And then takes one look at Brody, says “uh, no thanks” and haughtily sashays off.

Here he is with annoying ex Lauren Conrad. Are they back together? Bigger question – is she wearing spandex? And does she know how it looks? Jimmy Dean sausage!


More photos of Brody Jenner, Lauren Conrad and Frankie Delgado leaving Katsuya are after the jump.

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