Brody Jenner Extends A Bromance Leaf To Joe Francis One Year Later

From one Hollyweirdo to another, Brody Jenner offered up an apology to Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis after he accused Francis of beating up then-girlfriend Jayde Nicole at Guys & Dolls nightclub in 2009.  In a letter obtained by E!, Jenner admitted that his claims were inaccurate.  Reports from that night state Nicole threw a drink on Francis after she alleged that he wouldn’t leave her friend alone.  Francis claimed he acted out of self-defense.  The letter reads,

“Dear Joe, I would like to acknowledge for the record that the media reports that you beat up Jayde Nicole at the Guys & Dolls nightclub in August 2009 were completely inaccurate.  The entire incident was an unfortunate misunderstanding and I am sorry for the whole thing.  I have always known you to be a gentleman and I’m very sorry that you were wrongly accused that night.  On another note, please accept my congratulations and best wishes on your recent marriage.”

They’re all idiots.  Jenner was all about Francis being the bad guy after last year’s altercation.  Letter or not, I saw the video and it looked to me like Francis did strike Nicole.