Brodie Holland

March 31st, 2006 // 25 Comments

Just one more reason why soccer should be a much more popular sport in the United States.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Madi

    Very nice, very hard, oh so very HOT! I think I’m in love.

  2. Emily


  3. PleaseThink

    Can you please make him roll over!!!!

  4. kim

    Yeah, I’ve been watching Brodie for awhile. Love Aussie Rules Football, and there are more like him where he comes from on the pitch!!!

  5. mc

    HOLY HOTNESS! I just wanna lick those abs.

  6. Also adorable: Japanese soccer star Hidetoshi Nakata

  7. Hoodia

    He plays Aussie football, not soccer.

  8. Artemisia


    Um..ewe! sorry, that Japanese athlete is hideous! Looks stone/drunk/hungover!!

  9. Panda

    haha suck it all u ppl round the world looking at our Brodie….. ive partied with him after a Collingwood footy match and he is hotter to in the flesh…u should have seen him on dancing with the stars dressed as Tarzan……Grrrrrrrrrrr

  10. Kim

    Panda, do you have footage of that show?!?!?!? HAHAH…I’ve wanted to see that for a long time…Yes, I need to get my tix to Oz together…this guy is hot…the first time I saw him in an advertisement, I almost fell off my chair! Much love to Oz!

  11. Loz

    He plays AFL not soccer…
    AFL is MUCH more fun to watch than soccer!

    I’m finding it very hard to agree that he is good looking merely because he plays for COllingwood and I’m a one-eyed Essendon supporter….

  12. Damn, this is a tough crowd. What about colorfully-named cricket player Salman Butt?

  13. diablà

    This guy is hotter than hot.
    Too bad you never come near one of those in everyday life, like when you are crossing the street for example. These guys never seem to exist anywhere except in magazines.

  14. lisa

    He is not a soccer player – he plays Australian Rules in Australia. It is tough, macho, rough and idiotic. Because it is the major sport here in AUstralia – aussies are hopeless at real football soccer.

  15. Aurelia

    speaking of aussie rules footy, the hottest dudes are actually in the West Coast Eagles team. especially Daniel Kerr, Mark Nicoski, Chad Fletcher and Ben Cousins. GO EAGLES!

  16. Lizzy

    Woa! (gasping and heart skipping a beat) Mother of mercy! The body of a god. Gimme some more of that!! Now this is what I like! Men being sexualized, for a change! Doesn’t it feel gooood ladies?? Yum, yum. Spank that ass! Sexy butt.

  17. Pandora's box

    Gross! He looks like a raging buff boy peter puffer

  18. Pandora's box

    Don’t get me wrong I have a weak spot for hot Aussie guys but he’s a bit queer looking for my taste. He looks like the type that would have a mirror handy just so he can gaze at himeself at every waken hour.

  19. liz

    he is pretty gorgeous isn’t he? except he prolly can’t play soccer but does play AFL. and oh my, you shoulda seen him on dancing with the stars. wooooooootttttttt

  20. S

    Yes he’s hot. No he does not play FOOTBALL (not soccer!)

    He’s an Australian Rules Football player – Brodie Holland. Plays for Collingwood FC. Pretty good on the field too. Was in last year’s Dancing With the Stars (can imagine he copped quite a bit of stick fo r that in the changing rooms…)

  21. Claire

    UM, He doesn’t play soccer – It is AFL (Aussie Rules Football). He is hot though!!

  22. Emily

    Just to let you know, Brody is an afl player and not a soccar player.

  23. Emily

    Just to let you know, Brody is an afl player and not a soccer player.

  24. amycollingwoodrocks

    well well well not very much people like collingwood do they but they love to purve on our footy players dont they and another hottie is travis cloke and cameron is alright too, i love collingwood but from sa people are very mean to me about that. and soccer sux!

  25. Jessie


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