Brittany Murphy’s Last Movie Coming Out

While Brittany Murphy’s husband and mother blame Hollywood for her death they see no reason not to make money off of her last film.   Abandoned, a film Murphy finished shoooting in June last year, is set to come out this summer

The film is a psychological thriller and the actress plays a woman whose boyfriend goes missing and she is faced with a ransom demand.  I loved Murphy in her past psychological movies alla Don’t Say A Word versus her romantic comedies like Little Black Book and Uptown Girls.  I think I would see this even if it wasn’t her last film, but I’m not loving knowing that creepy Simon Monjack could end up profiting from my ticket sales.

Here’s the couple back in the day at a tennis match back in April 3, 2008.

PS Murphy’s family – Hollywood doesn’t give you pneumonia, anemia, and force prescription drugs down your throat.