Brittany Murphy’s Foreboding Problems On ‘Something Wicked’ Set

Two weeks before the shocking news broke of 32-year-old Brittany Murphy’s death, the actress was recast in the horror film, The Caller. While Murphy’s PR rep maintains that Brittany was not fired, sources from the set tell TheWrap the actress was barely physically able to finish the film she shot just prior, Something Wicked.

The snitch claims Murphy was “barely there…she’d go in and out of consciousness in the middle of takes” and as a result, most on set “presumed she used prescription drugs.” As a result, scenes featuring the Clueless actress were rewritten, the source maintains.

In the past, Brittany shrugged off rumors of drug use, telling the Daily Mail in 2005, “Just for the record I have never tried [cocaine] in my entire life, I’ve never even seen it, and I don’t leave the house too much, except to go to work.” She added, “My worst vice is caffeine.”

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