Brittany Murphy’s Family Says Hollywood Had ‘Blood On Their Hands’

Brittany Murphy’s mother Sharon Murphey and husband Simon Monjack went on The Today Show this morning to talk about her still inconclusive death.  The two had a lot of answers of their own though:

Brittany was not anorexic: “You just need to go to her favorite restaurant, Chateau Marmont, and speak to any waiter, who would tell you that she would happily order four plates of food and eat them all” says Monjack.

Brittany was not using a lot of prescription drugs:  Monjack says most of the drugs found in the house were his and Brittany didn’t use drugs except she used Vicoprofin and Sarafem in moderation during her “menstral time” for her pain and mood swings. 

Brittany Murphy did not use cocaine: This was “physically impossible” says Monjack as soon as she used it she would have died, because, as her mother explains, Brittany was diagnosed with mitral valve prolapse, a heart condition, when she was a teenager.  There was no mention of any medication she would have been on for that.

More details from the interview and the clip after the jump.

What caused her death: Ultimately they believe the death was due
to an infection that got to her heart though a few seconds later Monjack
says he took her to five cardiologists during their marriage who all
said she was healthy.Hollywood had blood on their hands:  
Monajck is really pissed at Warner Brother who he says reneged on an
offer to play Gloria in Happy Feet 2 based on a rumor that wasn’t
true. “Her life changed after Little Black Book, because of the
rumors” “Hollywood is a village and once you upset the villagers they
talk, and they gossip, and they rumor and the have blood on their hands
and I hope they wash them with very hot water because the way they
treated Brittany Murphy when she was alive was terrible.” Monjack
furhter attacks Happy Feet 2 and says: “Any actress that takes the role
of Gloria is terrible and I would say
to Brad Pitt and Matty Damon who are considering doing the movie,
really think about your friendship with Brittany before you do it.”

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