Brittany Murphy Flies High

Britanny “I’ll Never Tell” Murphy is over her fear of flying. God helped her through it, according to Starpulse.

Brittany Murphy has conquered her fear of flying through praying and sleeping. The 29-year-old star was previously too terrified to travel by air but now puts her faith in God and sees plane journeys as a chance to escape from everyday distractions.

She says, “I’ve got over it. Now when I get on the plane I say a prayer until I know we are up safely. I have a lot of faith and pray a lot. So I gave my trust to God and I ask him to carry the plane safely to the destination. It helped when I realised that a plane was somewhere I could relax and sleep because no one could get in touch with me. So now I look at it like a great big bed in the sky. I associate it with a place of rest.”

I associate airplanes with a place of drinking. I’m not heavy into the God thing, and flying makes me a little nervous. So I tend to get my swerve on. Nothing is more comforting to people on a plane than an intoxicated queer loudly demanding more Bloody Mary mix. But if there’s one of those trivia games located in the seat in front of me, I can usually forego the drunkeness if I have the chance to kick the ass of that old lady in 36D. You’ve been owned, Nana!

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