Brittany Snow Poses In Bra For Maxim [PHOTOS]

Va va voom! Brittany Snow turns up the heat for Maxim magazine. The Harry’s Law actress talks with the magazine about how she’s just really a nerd and what she does for fun.

Is her “crazy girl” role on Harry’s Law anything like her: No, I think that’s a big misconception about me. I tend to play more bubbly than I actually am. I was never the popular girl. I’m really shy. I’m really just a nerd.

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Her relationship status: I’m so single. It’s funny. I’m usually a relationship girl. I love being in love and having a partner in crime. But it’s good to be your own partner in crime. God, that makes me sound like I have multiple-personality disorder.

What she does for fun: Music is a huge part of my life. I get to do a little singing on the show, but it’s not like I want to be a pop star. I can’t pull off that sexy pop singer face. It’s too much for me.

What she thinks of her Maxim photos: It’s funny, because I’ve never done anything like this before, so the whole experience was a big step for me. But it was cool. I felt really comfortable and had a great time.

Does she think of herself as a sex symbol: Oh, hell no! It’s weird. I’ve read in magazines where someone like Jessica Alba says, “I’m not a sex symbol. I don’t even think I’m sexy!” I’m like, Oh, my God, girl, you’re kidding. I mean I hate to sound like the stereotypical actress, but if I’m gonna be honest…I really don’t think I am. But it’s nice when other people think so!