Brittany Murphy–I Almost Forgot About Her

Beating out Hollywood heaveyweights, Barbra Streisand, Meryl Streep and Nicole Kidman for a coveted role in a screen adaptation of the novel, “The White Hotel,” Brittany Murphy reminds me that she’s good for more news than just failed engagements, bless her heart. From

Actress BRITTANY MURPHY has landed one of Hollywood’s most sought-after roles – as a disturbed opera diva who can see the future. The actress, who is embarking on her own pop career with British DJ PAUL OAKENFOLD, will lead the cast in the movie adaptation of DM THOMAS’ acclaimed novel THE WHITE HOTEL, according to trade publication The Hollywood Reporter. The 29-year-old HAPPY FEET star will portray an Austrian opera singer in post-World War II, who seeks the help of SIGMUND FREUD to help her understand her dreams.

I forget, is she eating again?


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