Brit’s Mama and Bodyguards Are The Ones Who Got Her Into Rehab…This Last Time

February 23rd, 2007 // 11 Comments

Britney looked like she’d reached the end of her rope when she lashed out at the paparazzi after her estranged husband, Kevin Federline, refused to talk to her. Outside his apartment in Los Angeles, Britney just lost her shiznit and started beating the crap out of an empty car, while her mother waited inside a car for her. This is the most recent of the very public saga that has become Britney Spears’ life. It was this scene that prompted her mother to intervene. It was she, along with the aid of a bodyguard, who managed to sway Britney to give rehab another try–for the third time–by 10:45 that night. This time, she’ll have to stay in the “Promises” center between thirty to forty-five days, so she won’t be able to scoot out of there any time soon.

If we could just get Mama Spears to stage a little wig intervention, then maybe things could get back on track…

By Lisa Timmons

  1. niki

    i feel for her kids and mother
    this must be hard for her mother

  2. bella

    I’m glad she appears to have listened to her mom. I do wonder why her mom seems to have left the price tags on her shirt in this photo. Perhaps that is where Brit gets it from? ;)

  3. Tine

    Brit and her mom leave the tags on because they are from the South. People there return clothes after wearing them once so they can buy booze with the money.

  4. Iseult

    That’s not Brit, it’s Jamie Lynn.

  5. bella

    Um, Tine dear, I am also from the South, and I can assure you, it’s a Spears thing, not a South thing. LOL

  6. Tine

    LOL! Ok Bella – I believe you!

  7. anon

    IT was not her mother waiting in the car for her while she freaked out weilding an umbrella. Have you even watched the video? That was her ‘assistant’
    The same girl and silver Mercedes she was seen in earlier that day with her stupid blonde wig.

  8. Fabiola

    I thnk I would go completely bonkers with all those cameras flashing in my face. However, she asked for it.

  9. EggSalad

    I agree with you Fabiola. In her interview with Matt Lauer, he asked a question that’s something along the line of “would you give up the fame so you can live a normal life.” She replied no, she likes the money too much to quit.

    I hope it’s worth it Brit Brit.

  10. Please Save

  11. Ruby Jackson

    Her mother is largely to blame for Britney’s instability. She’s a “Stage Mother” and she did this to her child. Britney was denied a normal childhood, didn’t go to high school, missed out on a regular life and learning how to have regular relationships.

    What did Britney say when she cut her hair? “My mother is going to be so mad at me.” She was TRYING to make her mother mad because she is so MAD AT her mother for how her life is. And, it’s what FINALLY got her mother’s attention.

    So sad.

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