Brit’s Booty Gets Lonely Under Her Dress

June 12th, 2007 // 15 Comments


So, can it really be blamed when it comes out of hiding to look for some company? Exiting the Hollywood club, Joseph’s, last night, Britney was greeted by a mass of paparazzi eagerly waiting to try and snap a money shot of the pop star with a penchant for various incarnations of fake hair. And they were not disappointed. Even though Britney was demure enough to have worn underwear for this evening’s festivities (Do they teach you that in rehab?), she still has yet to learn how to maneuver her way in a vehicle without flashing an upskirt of some sort. Girlfriend was moving to the back seat of her car when she showed the paparazzi what used to be her good side. In addition, she can be seen in the photos below, displaying some adventurous nipples searching for a way out of her dress. Personally, I think her horrible outfits are simply rebelling against Britney’s sense of “style” and are taking public opportunities to try and make their escape. It’s the fashion equivalent of sending out an S.O.S.


More of Britney Spears leaving Joseph’s after the jump.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. T-Bone

    While Britney could definitely use a stylist, I still think it’s more disgusting on the part of the paparrazi to be looking up people’s f-ing skirts.

    I’m still in Britney’s corner :)

  2. Stinky Minky

    Oh man… Back in the day, I was sad that Debbie Gibson disappeared only to return as Deborah… Now, it seems that “Deborah” did the right thing. I can’t even begin to think of what Brit is gonna look like in ten years, let alone one…

  3. sunnyd76

    You know, when I’m out with my friends and I just see a tag or bra strap showing I’m quick to fix it for her…how does someone’s friend let them walk around with their boob out?!

  4. Betheny

    Yayyy for Panties! Booo for those Ubiquitous Ugly-Ass Bound-To-Be-Stanky-By-Now Boots!

    Why, oh why, am I commenting about Britney’s accessories again???

  5. candid candy

    Forget the butt and the boobs for a second. . . look at the BOOTS. You have to wonder if Britney is one of those people who’s always posting product reviews on Zappos complaining that when the boots came, they were really cute, but she couldn’t zip them up over her calves. Yikes.

  6. fred

    will someone PLEASE offer her a porn contract already!?!?! She’s begging for it, so just give the girl a shot!

  7. green cardigan

    T Bone – While I agree that it is really shitty of the paps to be pointing their cameras up people’s skirts, it’s not really a stylist Britney needs, its a bra and a slighty longer skirt. In the photo where we see her underpants, she is bending forward, climbing between the front two seats of the car.
    No wonder the paps are hounding her, when they’re getting photos like this

  8. kellygrrrl

    This just another intentional attention seeking move. She is wearing the dress backwards (she started the night with it on the right way). This chick is not just white trash – she is mentally ill. It’s sad that she has children.

  9. T-Bone

    Yeah – Britney’s kind of a dingbat, but I still think she has a good soul. She doesn’t take herself all that seriously and she certainly doesn’t put on any airs of dignity. I find that refreshing in the generally pompous Hollywood community.

  10. it’s funny that we care right?

  11. Shannon

    Look at the gallery from people…,,20042120,00.html

    She must have forgotten how to wear the dress. It appears to be backward. Get the girl some help!

  12. Green,
    “it’s not really a stylist Britney needs, its a bra and a slighty longer skirt.” and some parenting 101.

    (though, the stylist would NOT hurt, look at the hair!)

    I hated her music, but she seemed harmless and was cute as a button so i was pulling for little Brit, but methinks she’s still chasin the dragon…

  13. T-Bone

    Clarisse, do you really think she’s into heroin or is that slang for all drugs like it? Just curious. If so — well — not good, ha?

  14. green cardigan

    Well, she’s definitely had a skinful of something by the look of her in those photos. I don’t mind her either though. Maybe because she was an ordinary girl with some talent, who made good on that. Not like Paris or her buddies who were born into a life of privilege and think everything is their due, coasting through life on their parent’s money.

  15. saghar

    i like big booty girls

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